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more language


I modified an older/unused project to create the zine or something equivalent

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Almost there

Still fussing with the bottom

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Approaching the PSA from a more abstract fine arts visual perspective. "Soul on Display" concept is the artist displaying pieces of him or her self, their soul, in a tactile object or visual experience. I wanted to represent that so I drew upon the symbol of bird as soul and plan on having them within these boxes, which could represent gallery space, an object, any kind of encapsulations in which these "souls are on display." It's more illustrative as opposed to informative. It is for the Chelsea art galleries so my intention is to intrigue you. Art is subjective and I understand that because I am making this reference it may not come across to everyone. I don't think that's necessary or the point though.

In one way I can see why these should be for the purpose of attracting a broader audience, in which case I would go a different route but I have decided to do something that I feel is representative of the spirit/soul of the Chelsea galleries and that would appeal to someone that the galleries themselves would appeal to.

Bits about Bird as Soul:

This interpretation of the bird as symbolic of the soul is very commonly found in folklore all over the world. [...] This was given precise expression in ancient Egyptian symbolism by supplying the bird with a human head; in their system of hieroglyphs it was a sign corresponding to the determinative Ba (the soul), or the idea that the soul flies away from the body after death. This androcephalous bird appears in Greek and Romanesque art, and always in the same sense. Source

Many myths have linked birds to the arrival of life or death. With their power of flight, these winged creatures were seen as carriers or symbols of the human soul, or as the soul itself, flying heavenward after a person died.

Bringers of Life and Death. Some cultures have associated birds with birth, claiming that a person's soul arrived on earth in bird form.  

Equating the human soul with a bird is found in myth and mystical literature all over the world. From Hallaj to Sanai and Rumi, Persian mystical poetry has used the symbol of the Bird, beautifully. The human soul, like a bird can choose to remain caged in this perishable body or fly towards Liberation. Ibn Sinna (Avicenna) used this motif and Ghazali wrote the Risalat at-tayr, “Treatise on the Birds”. The nightingale of Sufi poetry, yearning for the rose, singing night and day of its unfulfilled longing and union, suffering without complaint the sting of its thorns - is the soul longing for eternal beauty. It is this longing that inspires the soul bird to sing. Longing is the most creative state that the soul can reach.

Rumi often spoke of the soul as a white falcon, exiled amidst the black crows, or a nightingale in the company of ravens. Rumi’s pun on the word falcon or baz, which in Persian also means “again or return”, refers to the baz’s desire to come back to its Lord and Master. 

What did the alchemists wish to symbolise by birds? The essential thing about birds is that they, having as their domain the air element, mediate between the earthly realm and the heaven world. The alchemist in observing the flight of birds, recognised in them a picture of the human soul undergoing spiritual development. 

For example, specific birds have significant meaning in early Christian art. Birds are unique among animals for their wings that enable them to rise above the ground and to fly quickly through the air. Christ's teachings focus on the spiritual side of man's nature; humans' salvation or possible spiritual doom is the great issue of our existence. If there is life after death, clearly the agent or impetus of important human activities – the soul – must be capable of an existence separate from the human or mortal body.
Birds are a winged symbol of these souls. Source

What I showed in class is essentially the bare framework for what I have in mind so I understand the criticism, looking at it from a PSA perspective.

Language Project

Language connects all of our brains

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Only thing I'd consider for Graphis is my infographic (which is getting close to being finished, I took a break cus it was driving me crazy again). When is the deadline I'll hurry up and finish it. (view a couple posts down)

working on: type specimen revisit, PSAs finally (combined both of my ideas), and beginning of language. I'll update soon

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Language Project Idea

"Language connects us" going to be a series of maybe 4 posters, or a small book/foldout that uses symbols like firewire, usb and rss to replace the mouth, appear on the palm of the hand, the forehead (mind), and ear "hole" the places we create, send and receive information. Without language we would be isolated and with it we are a community. My idea is to compare that to computers. A computer is just a computer but with internet, filesharing all that it is a global network, hence the symbols on the body parts.

Plan on illustrating this

Last project not thinking about yet. I also still need to revisit my type specimen and type setting projects.


Infographic Revisited

Working on infographic tonight. Decided to bring the structure and discipline to the rest of the piece, I think it feels more refined and complete. Still messing with details though and more work to do on the infographic itself. The top and bottom boxes will have info in them, they wont be empty (ignore the overlay on the bottom). Changed the archer for the quote to Fairfield, haven't tried printing yet so don't know how it looks. 

eta: thumbnail link isn't working, here's a link to the full image. The outer lines are hairline, they're not as white as they look. I need to print to see if it's too much

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I'll save you the trouble Gen

Go on and send the mid semester notice!

Getting my ass into gear

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'SOAP' Logo

This is for Editorial, but I figured since it's typography and I've spent a lot of time, I would post it! The S is mrs eaves, the OA is futura and the p is archer. It's the logo for my magazine, an acronym for "Sum of all Parts." They different character styles, italic, sans and serif, reflect the different parts of a collective whole.

All of my type projects for actual type class are kind of half baked right now but I will come up with something good soon! 

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Process book

I took elements of all past projects and just put it all together to make something textural. I had fun.

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Infographic, 1st draft

Sorry so late in putting it up

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Sleep and Dreams Survey

If you happen upon this link, would you mind doing my survey?

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